1.18 Change

2021.11.30 16:21 reinspieler2020 1.18 Change

I found out that melones give now 1 foodbar instead of the old 0,5. UPGRADE
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2021.11.30 16:21 MGPythagoras $50 promo code but forgot to use code on Amazon?

I did not realize you needed to add a promo code before checking out to get the $50 gift card. Did anyone else forget and get Amazon to actually give you the card still? I asked and they told me they would raise a ticket and look into it but its been two days and nothing so I am assuming no.
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2021.11.30 16:21 numerous__papaya Onto the bandwagon I hop. Make an assumption about me based on my picrew thing

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2021.11.30 16:21 hemsworth1738 Tingling Lips driving me crazy

Hello! This is kinda a long one but I’ll start from the beginning. I am a 24yo Male.
This summer I returned from the beach and noticed a rash on my groin - it was very stubborn and lasted all summer. Once it spread to my armpits, I saw my dermatologist and she gave me some anti fungal cream that had been helping.
However, when I got my Covid booster 5 weeks ago, I had gotten a fever from it, and woke up to a flare up in my rashes, this time with tingling sensations on my lip, nose, and cheeks. I had a couple of small white/yellowish sores appear near the crease of my nose, which popped into a clear liquid. They never really bled or scabbed up. Soon after, my eye because pretty sensitive to light, and itchy / twitching mainly in the mornings. This is when I noticed some small dots on my upper lip that look like early signs of cold sores. So i went to my PCP. I scared myself into thinking it was a herpes outbreak which I’ve never had before (and thought maybe that was what was going on in my groin). My doctor said he doesn’t think that’s the case, and figured we’d test anyway. My blood work came back without any abnormalities however the tingling in my lips, the small dots, and discomfort in my eyes is still there and it’s really making me anxious. The dot on my lips they have yet to mature into blisters or sores. (It’s been over 5 weeks). It is not very noticeable unless you really look closely
I’ve been using abreeva, and medicated chapstick but I really am running out of patience as this is destroying my confident and QoL.
Do you think this could be a fungal infection on my face? A herpes outbreak? Anything else?
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2021.11.30 16:21 EatsOnlyMemories this is my tripod sage he's a goober

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2021.11.30 16:21 chantellereimer Wig with ribbon

Does anyone have extras of the wig with ribbon that can be found at able sisters?! I’ve been looking everyday since the update and they still haven’t shown up on my island😭 Can trade bells or miles!
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2021.11.30 16:21 QuirkyGengar The reason thoosies hate DAE GP

GP stands for Giant Penis and thoosies have small pp (they are jealous)
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2021.11.30 16:21 NinjaInspector Bartender Cranky About Prev Bar?

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2021.11.30 16:21 Faith_SC Yet I still don't read cards...

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2021.11.30 16:21 flowerstage Super Hero Senki Henshin & Finisher

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2021.11.30 16:21 pencil1324 I’m a glass

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2021.11.30 16:21 alforo_ El exdiputado socialista Eduardo Madina desmonta la estrategia de equiparar a Vox con Podemos

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2021.11.30 16:21 FanMax Josephine Skriver shows us how she rides a dick.

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2021.11.30 16:21 Presto1989 Seeking a Lat 64 Gold Line Spark

My all time favorite disc that I unfortunately lost and they don't make it any more.
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2021.11.30 16:21 solomonsatoshi Bitcoin and electricity

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2021.11.30 16:21 NamelessQueer A Character drawing I did for one of my players

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2021.11.30 16:21 PredatorJM So do we think the announcement is coming today?

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2021.11.30 16:21 Mynewsify-Website Twitter prohibits sharing of personal photos, videos without consent, Latest News

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2021.11.30 16:21 vettedbets Models 🏀 🏒

I 📬 Ducks kings u5.5 And stars
As well as 🏀 Warriors +2.5
Models 🏒 EV rough order
Red Wings
Small EV Blues
O/U small EV on these
CBJ Preds under
Red Wings Bruins under
Ducks kings under
Models ATS 🏀
Pistons +9.5
Grizzlies +5 (now 3.5)
Warriors +2
Knicks +7
Small on Lakers -160
O/U games
Under GSW 222
Under Lakers 227
Under Blazers 216
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2021.11.30 16:21 CygnetSociety Christmas Shopping!! Do you like this Scarf on me?

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2021.11.30 16:21 namelezz968 Me_irl

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2021.11.30 16:21 AdmiralAkbar1 Dr. Oz is expected to join Pa.'s U.S. Senate race

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2021.11.30 16:21 t2funkie My mother has been on Virginia Medicaid and SNAP EBT food stamps… this is her 3rd yr. She is 63. Can she apply for SS and receive funds that we can see her expected monthly to be? Will it impact her receiving Medicaid? I want her to be able to collect and also have Medicaid and SNAP.

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2021.11.30 16:21 Charmander9000 Join

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2021.11.30 16:21 zedaero User scammed people on market

Don't do deals with u/nettflixxer He posted this job on bananomarket and it seems he never payed the people there. I drove 20km to take pictures for him (his ideea was pretty nice) and now he dosen't respond to dm's. The fault also maybe be mine cause I trusted a user with not much back tracking on our subs. I hope that you monkeys all stay vigilant.
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