Can anyone shop drop shop now?

2021.11.30 16:05 ayoub_s Can anyone shop drop shop now?

I’m thinking about cancelling (mainly because the selection is so bad). I’ve been hearing mixed things but can anyone just shop the sales they have now?
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2021.11.30 16:05 AddaLF Am I playing right? Frustrated with grinding

After the first Dawn ordeal absolutely destroyed all my agents, I decided to start anew and grind.
Control Team: 3 people, all stats ~100.
Information Team: 4 people, Justice all ~100, other stats vary.
The problem is: it takes too goddamn long to grind, and since you cannot save the game during the day, a tiny mistake will completely waste a couple of hours of your life!
Today I had 2 agents max out their Justice from lvlI, then had them raise Fortitude from I to II, I've done so much and spent so much time at it! I had to go through countless meltdowns. But then for some unknown reason Void Dream broke out, even though its counter was not zero I swear. It proved to be okay, but a couple of my agents fell asleep from it. Void Dream returned, but in a while broke out again for no reason. Those people who were asleep from it woke up and started to panic.
The rest of the story would be comedic if I was not so upset now: these panicking people could NOT be caught up to by chasing people, they all ran at the same speed like idiots and noone could catch them, and so more and more people eventually got panicked. In the end, everyone and their dog was panicked. I waited in hope that they start trying to kill each other (and inadvertedly cure each other with white damage), but all of them completely ignored each other.
It didn't help when another abnormality decreased its counter for no reason, filled all corridors with static and made everyone go insane. As if they weren't insane enough. ;)
Such experiences make me want to give up. Not the loss, I love to lose dramatically and watch chaos break out! What upsets me is the thought of a few hours of grinding that I lost. I don't want to spend hours to grind again, let alone each game day! I don't want to max out each 5 man team, it's boring, it takes hours, and can't be automated. So maybe I'm playing this game wrong. How do I play without maxing everyone out and preferably without grinding?
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2021.11.30 16:05 RoszpunkaBR Help need - Karts (3)

Hello there
i have 3 karts, wich one is better?
Neon Lv 3 - Solar lv 4 - Violet Meteor lv 5
i tried to compare, but its terrible, i cant have idea about wich one is better to play
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2021.11.30 16:05 air_zenox TRADING STRING + MAGMA + LIGHT do your offers

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2021.11.30 16:05 Spirited_Work_4997 🚀Upfinity♾ - 200k mcap gem with already released NFTs doing its FIRST big marketing push! Get ready for the moon!

Welcome to Fire ❤️‍🔥
The quickest 100X on the market. Let the odds be with you!
24h after launch we will announce about big giveaway 💲
Active devs 24/7
🔥2% redistribution to holders of the coin
🔥4% added to liquidity
🔥5% Marketing Wallet (Marketing all ready started, reddit, twiter)
Anti whale system🐋
❤️‍🔥Max 1 % tokens per wallet and transactions❤️‍🔥
Our token $FIRE is used for burning rocket fuel to the moooon!🚀.
Fire is a new age token fully equipped with utility straight out the SUN! ☀️
🔥Fire! It warms us🔥
It mystifies us
It delights us
and sometimes terrifies us. One thing's for sure: it would be hard to 🔥imagine a life without fire🔥
🏷️ Contract Address: 0x2223e8bCA40cD9eDb033aeb217f911Ba3775345D
🔹 Renounced Ownership:
🔐Liquidity Lock 1 YEAR🔒
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2021.11.30 16:05 ShoulderMiddle SQUID Finance | Check out our DXSale | Revolutionary Squid Card | NFTs, Multi-Layer, Multi-Chain - BNB, ETH and MATIC

📣PRESALE PROMO: 1 Month FREE NETFLIX for all Preseale Participants
SQUID Rewards you with stuff that you're going to use anyways. #justhodlsquid 🚀

SQUID Multichain Deflationary Rewards Token: $SQUID token was built to give investors greater rewards by increasing the rate of return over time while decreasing the max supply through deflation.

🚀The SQUIDverse NFT+ Marketplace introduces a new way to buy SQUID Tokens, with your Visa/MC! Tokens are redeemed in a 0.7:1USD ratio. EUR & GBP coming soon. The SQUIDverse marketplace also introduces an entirely new concept to physical NFT tethering which will see the creation of a new class of Ultra Rare pNFTs. Tethering token value to physical assets in an extraordinary way.
Whitepaper: pdf

🧬Triplechain Launch: As our community grows we will have 3 separte chain launches during the Milkyway Phase. First on Binance Smart Chain, then Ethereum, followed by Matic. Get exposure to all major De-Fi markets and Bitcoin by #justhodling SQUID Token.

🦑$SQUID [Codename:SpaceQUID] is the governance token of SQUID Finance. We're creating a simple and rewarding new way to invest in DeFi. By leveraging eCommerce, fiat onramping, NFT protocol and crosschain implementation. We're turning transaction volume into Bitcoin, Ethereum and BNB giving you exposure to the world of crypto with expert risk management.

Initial Supply: 5 Billion Tokens
Token Burn 3% 🔥
Comet Reinvestment Fund 2%
Holder Rewards 1%
Max supply: 5 Billion
Fair Presale Launch: Launch date is near.
Slippage: 8%

✅Contract Verified: https:// bscscan. com/token/0x1c3c3941acb8a9be35e50f086fae6a481f7d9df7
🔏SolidProof Audit
👤KYC Certificate

Massive Marketing Plan:
Phase 1: Milky Way
YouTubers - CryptoWendy0, BitBoy Crypto, Radies Investing and many more. Yes er are serious about that!
Influencer Marketing (Facebook/IG)
Lists: Watcher, Coinsniper, Freshcoins and 30 more.
CryptoMoonShots & 20 other Subreddits

🖥 Website:
💭 Twitter: squid_finance
🟪 Discord: Mr22ceTg9B

Please also have a look at a few of the published articles. More articles and also interviews will follow
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2021.11.30 16:05 iLyr1c Is Hero worth using or is it a swap out asap sorta thing

I'm new like level 140 and wondering when to swap hero. I assume it's whenever I get a good S to replace him but
Also is there a meta of how your team is set up? Rn I have guan yu dps, Greywhatever from GoT tank, hero tank, helsing s++ archer and Remus mage. Is that okay? Like just swap hero for another tank or dps?
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2021.11.30 16:05 harisp9631 FUT Champions Playoff wins not counting

I played a game of FUT Qualifiers, won it and got my 4 points. This was my 3rd match. Started a new game, opponent quit after three minutes. Game didn't give me any points, not even for a loss, but removed one match from matches remaining. Is this a known glitch or wtf?
Attached a streamable recording to explain what I mean
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2021.11.30 16:05 QueenRae06 people watchers of reddit...whats the strangest thing you’ve watched a stranger do?

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2021.11.30 16:05 ElCidVicious How Well Suited is Minotaur for the Current Meta?

I about 200K in xp from unlocking it and wondering if it's worth the effort. It ranks rather low among T10 cruisers according to
Other than the disappointing Bertie Wooster I enjoy HE machine guns.
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2021.11.30 16:05 Rampant99 FaceTime

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2021.11.30 16:05 NewAcctCuzIWasDoxxed 🥺You guys take care of our boy 🥺

Man, Baez is fun to watch. He does insane stuff that nobody else can.
Yea he'll strikeout a lot. But he gets RBIs, and is a dynamite fielder.
Enjoy him like we have since 2014.
And pray you get to see him bat against Garrett at least once.
Farewell El Mago, we'll see you in the WS.
Signed, Depressed Cubs Fan.
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2021.11.30 16:05 samuraiseoul Veggie burgers fried in bacon fat, on waffles, with can cheese because God has no power in my house.

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2021.11.30 16:05 louisrod2005 Better than Britney?

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2021.11.30 16:05 MEOWRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR My symptoms

I allways thought vss is normal because I've had it as long as I can remember. All symptoms I have is little bit of tinnitus + lot's of static. It's sad to see some of you have even more problems with your eyes.
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2021.11.30 16:05 MrHiTech123 For any UK citizens here.

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2021.11.30 16:05 Visible-Bed9262 What airdrop is coming ?


I am wondering what airdrop is coming beside SOLO ? I have add SOLO in my XRP ledger. Just wondering is there any else air drop beside that ?
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2021.11.30 16:05 code_hunter_cc How to filter object array based on attributes?

I have the following JavaScript array of real estate home objects:
var json = { 'homes': [{ "home\_id": "1", "price": "925", "sqft": "1100", "num\_of\_beds": "2", "num\_of\_baths": "2.0", }, { "home\_id": "2", "price": "1425", "sqft": "1900", "num\_of\_beds": "4", "num\_of\_baths": "2.5", }, // ... (more homes) ... ]}var xmlhttp = eval('(' + json + ')');homes =; What I would like to do is be able to perform a filter on the object to return a subset of "home" objects.
For example, I want to be able to filter based on: price, sqft, num_of_beds, and num_of_baths.
How can I perform something in JavaScript like the pseudo-code below:
var newArray = homes.filter( price <= 1000 & sqft >= 500 & num_of_beds >=2 & num_of_baths >= 2.5 ); Note, the syntax does not have to be exactly like above. This is just an example.
Answer link :
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2021.11.30 16:05 Different_Letter6608 dr oriešok

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2021.11.30 16:05 Justincy901 Can't use git restore

I want to undo all modifications I made on a branch. I tried using git restore . But it gives me this error. I just want to undo the modifications I recently made.

error: path '' is unmerged
error: path '' is unmerged
(I removed the path names for security purposes).

Any way to do this?
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2021.11.30 16:05 dabkingnc Source Within Us

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2021.11.30 16:05 Chiverly Gonzah (#1,302) | Franz Liszt - La Campanella (8 Bit Remix) 99.42% FC #1 | 539pp | Vaxei snipe!

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2021.11.30 16:05 Djtramm Every NFCE team after getting 1 win.

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2021.11.30 16:05 UnNounced What do you think this song means and what do you feel when listening to it? Only honest reviews! Rate this song

First single is a fact!!
This song is about my and life in general, life is the way you make it. Enjoy your life before its to late and go for what you want!
UnNounced - LifeLine
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2021.11.30 16:05 SkankingFuchs I made an Androgynous/Femboy Character!

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