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2021.11.30 15:53 schraderbrau Accomodating for disabled JS

Is it still worth it in 2021 for developers to have fallback code for users who aren't using javascript? My team (mostly back end devs) insist on using non JS solutions for almost everything, and it's starting to get very annoying to maintain modern designs and behaviors with no JS. I'm curious if others think its still worth accommodating such a small user base?
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2021.11.30 15:53 EllieMaeMoze Emily Elizabeth Anderson from Thriving Forward’s thoughts on Anna as the trial begins. (Emily was raised in ATI, and was groomed by Gothard himself.) I thought it’s a worthwhile read.

As the Josh Duggar trial begins today I expect many people will begin to ask questions regarding his wife Anna. Why has Anna continued to defend her husband? Why did she marry him with the prior knowledge that he had molested 5 minor girls as a teenager? Why has she continued to have children with him, even after he admitted to being unfaithful to her in 2015?
As someone who grew up in a similar environment as the Duggars, here are my thoughts…
The Duggar family is the poster family for a homeschool, patriarchal, fundamentalist cult called the Advanced Training Institute (ATI) created by a man named Bill Gothard (BG). My family was involved with ATI during the same years that the Duggar family was and I would occasionally hang out with the Duggar daughters after attending the same group sessions at the annual conference.
I made my escape from ATI in 2015 after I came to the realization that I had been sexually groomed by BG as a minor. I soon joined a lawsuit against BG with 18 fellow victims with similar allegations and to this day I have been shunned by the community due to speaking out.
Let me explain some of the very specific teachings of ATI in hopes that you will understand exactly why the Duggar family handled Josh’s abuse they way they did, and perhaps why Anna has continued to stay by his side and continued to birth his children.

  1. The word “abuse” does not exist in ATI. When I came forward that I had been sexually molested as a child by my own father, it was not called abuse within my ATI circles, it was called being “inappropriate”. ATI followers are told that the way secular, professional therapists and the way the government handles abuse is bad. They are taught that sexual abuse is, more than anything, a moral issue (vs a crime), and therefore it must be handled within the church. Licensed professional therapist are considered dangerous, and so you are only allowed to seek Christian counseling. This is why when Josh first told his parents as a teenager that he was molesting his younger sisters, he was sent away to an ATI camp as therapy. Abuse is always dealt within the system.
  2. ATI followers are taught to be thankful for abuse. I was told by Bill Gothard himself when he found out that I had been molested by my father that I needed to write my father letter THANKING him for molesting me, because it had made me spiritually stronger. Emotional, sexual, physical abuse are considered badges of honor within the system. There is no such thing as depression, anxiety, trauma response, or PTSD, and if you are dealing with symptoms of any of those then you are told you are not trusting God. This is what the Duggar daughters would have been taught regarding the abuse they experienced from their brother.
  3. ATI followers are taught something called “The Power of Spoken Blessing”. If you are being abused by someone, you are not to confront them or seek help, but you are to pray a prayer that God would bless that person with the attributes they are missing. Example: “God please bless this person with patience, and kindness.” Again, most of the responsibility in dealing with abuse situations is placed on the victim.
  4. ATI followers are taught that homeschooling is the only Godly way to educate your children. You are taught that public schools are dangerous and evil and that if you send your children to public school they will reject God. If Anna Duggar were to separate or divorce from her child-molesting husband, she would have to face the reality of putting her children in a public school while she went to work. This is unimaginably terrifying for an ATI woman, for she is taught this will destroy her children’s lives.
  5. ATI women are taught that their calling in life by God is to be a stay at home mom and homemaker. ATI women are taught that if they seek higher education, or seek any employment outside of the home, they will be open to spiritual attacks from Satan, and will more than likely be raped by a random attacker or one of their children might die. Women are told they must live in a home under the authority of a man. Single women must live in heir father’s home until the authority has been “transferred” to their husband in a marriage ceremony. If Anna Duggar were to divorce and then live in her own home without the presence of an older male to protect her, she has been taught she would be open to attacks from Satan, and God might allow her to be raped, or murdered by an intruder as punishment for being out of submission of male authority. Yes, ATI women are literally taught that living under the authority of a male will offer them guaranteed divine protection. (That’s an exact quote from ATI material).
  6. ATI followers are taught birth control is a sin. They are taught that “God opens and closes the womb”, and that preventing a pregnancy in ANY way, shape, or form, is not trusting God. This means, couples are not even allowed to consider natural family planning, for choosing to abstain from sex when the female is most fertile would mean you are not trusting God. Why has Anna continued to have children with Josh? Because she has been taught to believe she LITERALLY does not have a choice.
  7. Speaking of sex, ATI women are taught that it is a sin to refuse your husband sex. They are taught that men have an uncontrollable sex drive, and that if a woman was to deny their husband at any time, this could cause their husband to “stumble” and possibly have an affair, or develop a porn addiction. Women are taught they are at fault for their husband cheating on them because it wouldn’t have happened it they had given him enough sex (and of course the man gets to decide what ‘enough’ looks like).
  8. ATI followers are taught to practice shunning. When you are a part of ATI, you live in a bubble. You are taught that the outside world is dangerous and that you shouldn’t form relationships with anyone that does not conform to the same belief system taught by ATI. You are also taught not have any kind of relationship with people who have “gone astray”, and have left the belief system, INCLUDING FAMILY. If Anna Duggar were to leave, she would have no one in her community to help her. She has no life outside of the fundamentalist word. She would not just be walking away from a marriage, she would be walking away from her entire community, her entire life, her entire culture. The system is designed to keep you in the bubble out of fear.
So there you are. Why has Anna Duggar stayed? Because she been programmed to believe she doesn't have the choice to leave. Why have the Duggar's continued to whitewash Josh’s crimes? Because they have been taught that what he did was “inappropriate” and “a mistake” but nonetheless redeemable by God. They have been taught to deal with Josh’s problems privately, within ATI churches, and we all know how horrible the church is at properly handling abuse.
Anna Duggar does not need your condemnation right now. She does not need criticism for staying with Josh. She should not be told that she’s getting what she asked for because she choose to stay. She is a victim of a system designed to trap women. She needs our support. She needs our love. She needs brave people coming forward and telling her they will do whatever it takes to help her get out. She needs someone to fight for her children.
Please share this post. It’s time the world understand that the Duggar’s lifestyle of “old fashioned family values” is not one to be admired. It is a dangerous cult, that harbors and protect abusers and blames and shames victims.
~ Emily Elizabeth Anderson
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2021.11.30 15:53 the__post__merc Non-adhesive webcam cover?

I have a “new to me” 2020 27-in iMac. I’m wanting to put a camera cover on it, but everything I’ve seen sticks to the screen.
I have a sticky type slider cover on my 2013 model, but wanted to see if there were other options available that I’m not thinking of.
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2021.11.30 15:53 Pristine-Customer-32 Do people still buy T4 Aisling?

As the titles says, looking to farm and sell t4 aisling. Do people buy them and if so for what price? Additionally, where do you go to sell them to other players?
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2021.11.30 15:53 KillerNoah666 Need help with a symbol design

I need an idea or two for a STARSET based symbol. It's for a song idea called ONE BY ONE, a song with the theme of how the future is unpredictable but we have to always be ready for it. The chorus would use the outro lyrics from DIVING BELL:
Wake me when the new day comes Together we will ride the sun The future is an empty gun We fire onto them one-by-one One-by-one
The song itself would sound similar to INFECTED and TRIALS or TUNNELVISION
Please comment some ideas down below!
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2021.11.30 15:53 Thejinkster Lexicon smp | Lifesteal plugin | Java edition 1.17 | members needed

Welcome to the Lexicon smp, a fresh server hoping to launch soon. This server will include the lifesteal plugin just as seen in the lifesteal videos. Content creators are encouraged to join but not required, as I am hoping to make some videos and grow our channels together. Server will be releasing soon. Hoping to have around 20-30 players, If interested join the discord here:
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2021.11.30 15:53 Dry-Resort-3891 Should schools have the authority to confiscate students phone’s until the students parent/gardian comes to pick it up after school?

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2021.11.30 15:53 bubbo123 Drake x Brynn Elliott Mashup - "Might Not Like What's Next"

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2021.11.30 15:53 biglos147 PPR

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2021.11.30 15:53 Ill_Builder1335 anyone tried a refund from size? what’s the best method?

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2021.11.30 15:53 AceSebby My schools “lunch”

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2021.11.30 15:53 Brickindividual [Costco US] LEGO 76155 In Arishem's Shadow & 75316 Mandalorian Starfighter $39.99

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2021.11.30 15:53 electric-hotel psych 250

how was psych 250? i don’t like psychology but i need to take it for a prerequisite and i would like to know what i’m getting into
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2021.11.30 15:53 1qazplmwsx [Searching] 14k #LGRUJUP

Looking for a club focused on club league. Preferably English or Polish
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2021.11.30 15:53 OrdinaryResearcher7 Figured I’d start a Mason Mount Autographed Rookie Card Collection. These are my first two pick ups.

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2021.11.30 15:53 dobbyel_ BigLaw Social Media?

So I’ve noticed that not many BigLaw firms have much of a social media presence…do you think they should? Or would that take away from the prestige? I thought about bringing it up during an interview as an easy way firms can do more in terms of recruitment/outreach/ and accessibility but I don’t want to sound like a young idiot.
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2021.11.30 15:53 sudoDevelopGames AR XR digest 🔥 Keeping track the industry.

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2021.11.30 15:53 -en- @AP: Mark Meadows, Donald Trump's former chief of staff, is cooperating with a House panel investigating the Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection and providing some documents, putting off for now the panel's threat to hold him in contempt.

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2021.11.30 15:53 Acornknight PSA for new survivors frustrated with getting camped

I see a lot of survivors mad about this but i feel like i never see the solution posted. So if you're new, heres the deal.
If your teammate is being face camped, dont go in for the save- go work on gens. At worst you lost one of four people. But most often, as soon as gens start popping, the killer gets nervous and leaves. But if you go in for the save, the killer downs you, and you've given them positive feedback that camping is an effective strategy.
Its a terrible strategy that only works if the team doesnt know that they should be working on gens until the killer leaves the camped person.
When i get camped to death, I'm way more frustrated by my team all going down to save me and not working on gens than i am with the killer.
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2021.11.30 15:53 bot_neen López Gatell: Cierre de fronteras no detendrán variante ómicron - Despierta

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2021.11.30 15:53 Axel-Hill BlackySpeakz made another video about Rico Nasty case and incels found their way to comments again

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2021.11.30 15:53 tc182 Jennifer Love Hewitt

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2021.11.30 15:53 Zenyd Should i buy the F/A-18?

Im a new player currently learning the SU-25T. Right now im using a vr headset, keyboard and mouse. Im probably gonna get a hotas for christmas. Im really interested in the f18 and im not sure if i should buy it. It seems very expensive and ive heard it is buggy. I really like the idea of clickable cockpit buttons. Also is the f18 ideal for a beginneer. Ofc im willing to put hours learning each thing about.
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2021.11.30 15:53 ILOVEGNOME 1.18 made realms even worst then before.

So I don't play a lot of minecraft but I enjoy going back to the game every now and then. Of course, with 1.18, I decided to restart my server with my girlfriend and while I was setting things up, I started exploring the world a little bit and noticed a major issue with minecraft realms.
If you didn't know, the render distance in realms is limited and you cant see further then 10 or 12 chunk. Before 1.18 it wasn't a major issue but with the scale of the world being so massively increased, it really ruins the experience. For example, I climbed the first mountain i saw and couldn't even see the bottom of the mountain while i was on top of it... it sucks :(
I have made my own server in the past but it's a lot of work and forces you to keep your computer running and i'd rather not do that. Is there other reasonable options for me to get a server that doesn't limit render distance?
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2021.11.30 15:53 sudoDevelopGames Nreal Launches $600 ‘Light’ AR Glasses in United States via Verizon

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